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About T&p Cell

Training & Placement Cell


“Training & Placement Cell” is a wing to support Institute to enhance employability skill in students which help them to get job and also fit them in this competitive environment.

This Cell also works for development of entrepreneur skills, which helps students to established new business to generate employability for society.



To equip the students with relevant professional skills and guiding them towards a bright future and career.


  • To arranges and coordinates various programs that aim at molding the students so as to meet the industry expectations in career building.
  • Strive to maintain good relationship with industries.


  • To act as liaison between Institute & Industries to bridge the gap between the two.
  • Provides an interface between "Industry" and "Student" through Industrial visits, In-Plant trainings & expert lectures.
  • To enhance technical knowledge of students through in-house training seminars, workshops etc.
  • To invite companies for conducting Campus Recruitment Drive.
  • To impart training with the help of professional training personnel, which enable students to gain a competitive edge in their career, groom them and develop their personality.
  • To provide industrial exposure through summer training for the students.
  • Inspires the students to participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  • Creates awareness about higher studies opportunities.
  • To impart spirit of entrepreneurship in students.




  • Arranges guest lectures by eminent personalities from industry, institute & various walk of life.
  • Provide pre-placement training in soft skills to all students to enable them to appraise to the industry requirements.
  • Guide students on various interview techniques, group discussions, aptitude tests, CV writing etc.
  • Inspiring students to give a fear-free public talk on the stage.
  • Organize Industrial Visits & In-Plant Training.
  • Arrangement of Personality Development Workshops.
  • Short term Industrial Training is provided to the maximum no of students of final year in Government / Public / Private sector Industries. This training helps students to get acquainted with the Industry.
  • Established ED Cell (Promoted by CED, G’nagar) for entrepreneurship awareness & development activities.



  • Establishing cordial relationship with the Industries, inviting them for Campus recruitment drives.
  • Arranging In & Off-Campus Interviews.
  • Regular correspondence is maintained with various Industries.
  • Prepare & update company database.
  • Maintain updated Students (fresher & past) database.
  • Take feedback from company, since it serves as a yardstick regarding the performance of the students.



  • The Institute has an in-built LCD-Projector-equipped Seminar Halls for holding Pre-Placement Talks, Written Test, and Group Discussions.
  • Full-fledge well furnished Training & Placement office equipped with Desktop PC with peripherals, Laptop, Internet connection & telephone for communication.  




The professional institutes are supposed to generate the employable industry ready manpower. To achieve this, it is highly imperative that such institute create a mechanism of maintaining good interface with the corporate world so that training of students can be managed in a sustainable manner. All the industries/organizations as well as our college have been incurring considerable efforts & expenditure on the training & placement activity of Final Year students. Therefore, a student not joining the industry/organization after being finally selected reflects adversely on the Institute and, as a result, industry/organizations tend to discontinue their visit to college for placement. This jeopardizes career opportunities for future generations of our students. Students should, therefore, consider appearing at only such campus recruitment drive where they are willing to take up the job as soon as the selection is informed to the College. Appearing at the campus recruitment drive as a matter of fun or practice should be avoided. Those who have firmly decided to take admission in UG courses or any other career field of his/her choice should refrain from appearing campus recruitment drive held at college level or any other institute as a part of pooled campus recruitment drive. Placement is a facility provided by the college & cannot be claimed as the right of any individual student. The training and placement activities must continuously strive to achieve the following objectives:


  1. Maintaining good interface with industries of interest so as to facilitate training & placement of students.
  2. Inspire the faculty to update so as to include in their teaching the requirements of industry and produce industry ready graduate.
  3. Provide equal employment opportunities for all the students.
  4. Develop skill among students to enhance their employability.


  1. All the Final year students of all branches are required to get registered with Department of Training and Placement as per the schedule declared.
  2. Student who wishes to appear for a particular campus placement drive must register with T & P Department before the drive. The registration would imply that the student has verified by
  1. himself/herself and has consented to the company profile, job profile, terms & conditions, package, bond & eligibility criteria. After registration, if student fails to turn up for the drive, he/she will not be considered for future placements.
  2. Campus Recruitment Training (CRT) Completion with minimum 80% attendance.
  3. Academic Attendance of 75% on the date of campus placement drive is mandatory for every student in final year to appear in the campus placement drive of any company.


The students of the AYDTI, Kosamba will abide by the following rules and regulations so as to have smooth functioning of training and placement activity.

  1. Placement Cell will strive hard to provide placement opportunity to all its eligible, not- eligible and interested students of final year.
  2. In order to achieve its placement objectives, the Training Cell shall organize various training programs, Guest lectures, seminars, workshops, internship and other allied activities in addition to other similar academic/ non-academic activities for ensuring employability of its students.
  3. All the students who have enrolled themselves will enjoy the training and subsequent placement activities provided they qualify the conditions put forward by the company/industry.
  4. The students will receive the letter of intent of training with company/firm/ industry through the Training officer. In case a student arranges training or placement on his own, the written information or the offer/call letter must be submitted to the training or placement officer as the case may be.
  5. The students who have frequent shortage of attendance during their course are liable to suffer rejection to sit in placement activity.
  6. Those students who have involved in grave violence or have been responsible of causing damage to infrastructure or public image of institute will also stand disqualified for placement activity.
  7. All the students of the final year will informed about details of the offer by the company through e- mails or display of information on notice board. Any student who sits in the recruitment drive, publicized in aforesaid manner, is deemed to have accepted all terms and conditions of offer by the company/industry.
  8. Adherence to reporting time mentioned in the notice mailed/displayed must be taken into strictly consideration.
  9. Individual details and Academics details must be updated on regular intervals by students to Training & Placement Cell.
  10. Students are not authorized to communicate with the companies in any individual capacity when company visits our college for placement. Any corporate interaction by any student at any stage before and after selection must be carried out in consultation with T&P Officer.
  1. Students those who do not enroll with the T & P Cell, shall not be allowed to take part in the placement process under any circumstances later.
  2. The students must think well before enrolling with T&P and then act accordingly i.e. enrolling with T & P is an act of expressing your desire and confirmation to join the organization on its terms and conditions, if selected. In order to maintain the institute’s commitment to the organization, students will have to join the company from which they have received the offer letter. They will not be allowed to reject an offer at a later stage as per the policy already specified and decided by the authority. It should be noted, that students represent their personal commitment and the institute’s commitment by such positive action