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Computer Engineering


To develop the department into an advanced centre of learning to train its students to become computer engineers for contributing towards ever changing needs of the digital world in an effective manner.


  • Provide knowledge and skills in accordance with ever changing trends in the market through effective pedagogies and hands on experience on latest tools and technologies.
  • Encourage engineers for innovation and entrepreneurship through lifelong learning capabilities to fulfill transitional global needs of modern society and industry.
  • Enforce crystalline policies and effectively manage multidisciplinary activities for the benefits of all stake holders.

Programme Educational Objectives

PEO-1: Preparation:

To educate diploma graduates having strong basic fundamentals, field knowledge and technical skills which is necessary for employment or higher education

PEO-2: Professionalism:

To prepare undergraduates having understanding and appreciation of strong professional ethics and values, social responsibility, effective communication and leadership skills to become productive engineers both as individuals and in team environment.

PEO-3: Lifelong Learning:

To prepare committed diploma graduates capable of adopting new technologies and elevate their skills through professional practice, further education and training towards lifelong learning.

Programme Outcomes

PO1 : Basic and Discipline specific knowledge:

To Pertain Knowledge regarding Mathematics, Basic Science and Computer engineering fundamental for Simplification of problems.

PO2 : Problem analysis

 A Capability to solve real world Problems by identification, Analysis and implementation.

PO3 : Design/ development of solutions

To apply Technical Knowledge and Programming Skill for effective solution to user problems and to provide assistance.

PO4 : Engineering Tools, Experimentation and Testing

An ability to use modern tools and technologies to design and test computer field application.

PO5 : Engineering practices for society, sustainability and environment

Ability to solve technical issues of Software, Hardware and Networking and effectively implement within realistic constraints such as Economical, Social, Environmental and ethical Consideration.

PO6 : Project Management

To avail knowledge of engineering and management and engage it for project development, conduction and finance management both as an individuals and as a member of team or leader.

PO7 : Life-long learning

To analyze individuals needs with excellent programming, current technologies and problem solving methods in contexts of technological changes.